SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an acronism that defines the best method to index the contents of a web page.

Among the search engines it is not enough to be present, it is important to rank first.

To be present without worrying about the ranking is equivalent to complete anonimity.

For any online business therefore it becomes essential a regular ranking check on the major search engines (particularly on Google), in order to intervene and better it to intercept a new group of potential clients.


Keywords have to be updated, at least for two reasons. First because your ranking can be lost to the advantage of a competitor. Second because ranking has to precisely follow your current offerings, which presumably differ in time.

Not updating the keywords is equivalent to not updating the offerings if you think of the search engines as qualified traffic generators.

Within the strategy of positioning and optimizing search engines, the keywords represent an essential element for the success of keywords analysis.