Over twenty years invested in communication with focus on creativity and professional preparation with prestigious companies such as IBM have created a fertile ground which has afforded Alejandra to flourish as an expert in creativity and in the strategy of communication at high level.

Her current success is the conseguence of work focussed on helping clients to reach their objectives, while maintaining the right equilibrium between creativity and functionality.

Alejandra presents and explosive mix of talent: creative genius fueled by a gutsy passion for esthetics, business development executive shoes and a very solid mind that does not stop in front of any difficulty, until the client’s objective is reached.

Not to forget the ears, because everything starts with listening, with careful attention, to everything the client has to say. Her clients, national and international, are faithful and stay with her in time.
Because Alejandra creates trust, based not on words rather on concrete results, achieved through a precise SEO strategy which is implemented once the website goes live.

The elegance and efficacy of her work took her to be featured in national TV news and talk shows as well as national magazines of high profile such as Elle. However what truly represents her talent is her capability of offering the same level of results to major international companies as well as local artisans.

“The show must go on!” and we enjoy observing her creations, without the need to know what happens behind the scenes. That is, until we find the need to have an online presence of high quality that can help us win, particularly in an economy going through some bumps. When there is no room for try-outs, experiments and mistakes, clients have to chose carefully.
Alejandra represents this certainity.